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Inform Média’s own web agency was established with the aim and commitment to offer wide-range web solutions to the small and medium-sized enterprises of the region in their early stages of digital presence, in their development or revival, building upon the professional knowledge of more than 25 years provided by the regional media background, on its market experience and on its network system, and using its completely built infrastructure for the sake of its customers.

As the basis of our wide range of activities, we map up the web necessities of companies, offer professional consulting with the aim of working out a conception of professional web appearance and give offers on the basis of the revealed needs and demands. The main aim of our activities is to create a suitable web appearance, to operate, maintain and update the created business websites and social media profiles, and to provide a wide range of online marketing services related to this (SEO, Google Adwords, social media marketing, news letter campaigns and other unique digital solutions, such as the marketing conditions of the news portals of the counties.)

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Sales manager:

Balogh Annamária

Email: annamaria.balogh@inform.hu

Digital media consultant:

Szádvári Magdolna

Phone: +36 30 443 1751

Email: magdolna.szadvari@inform.hu

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