Advertisements in Hajdú-bihari Napló

The Hajdú-bihari Napló is the only daily paper in the county which provides facility to be published for companies, businesses and private individuals 6 times a week.

Are you planning to start your own business? Are you preparing for a family event? Would you like to enter the market with some kind of development? Would you like to be constantly present in your clients’ lives? If your answer is yes, don’t miss the Napló, as your daily paper reaches 150,000 readers a day, and now it appears in digital form, too.

We issue thematic publications several times a month (Karnevál, TOP100, Esküvői, Turisztika), which we offer as free attachments to our paper. Besides, our news portal, is also at your disposal! Our colleagues will help you work out the most suitable advertising conception for you!

Please contact our advertising management team so that we can contribute to the success of our partners!

Sales development manager:

Varga Zsolt

Phone: +36-20/326-9115


Sales team leader:

Csengeri Imre

Phone: +36-20/262-4557


Regarding the posting of advertisements, please contact our following media consultant colleagues:


Illyés Balázs

Phone: +36-70/705-2297


Jákim Péter Dániel

Phone: +36-70/512-9161


Mátyás-Sipos Beatrix

Phone: +36-20/290-5139


Seres Krisztina

Phone: +36-20/485-5073


Szabó Tibor

Phone: +36-70/198-1197


You can also post your advertisement in person, just visit our customer service office:

Debrecen, Dósa Nádor tér 10.

Opening hours: M 7:30-17:00 T-W-T 7:30-16:00 F 7:30-15:00

Posting advertisements by phone or fax:


Framed advertisement:

Phone: +36-52/998-181

Fax: +36-52/525-403



Posting classified ads:

Phone: +36-90/603-604 (the call includes the price of the classified ad: HUF 500 + VAT/minute)

Agency sales (Budapest):

Pálóczi Tamás

Phone: +36-20/579-5689