Advertisements in Kelet-Magyarország

The Kelet-Magyarország daily paper and the thematic publications provide a unique facility for companies, service providers, and businesses to introduce themselves to a wide audience or even to target groups, cost effectively.

Apart from more traditional advertising spaces, we also offer innovative promotional solutions to our clients, so that they can reach as many readers, i.e. potential customers and users, as possible.

Our journalists and editors provide for the content and form, and our media consultants help work out the most suitable advertising campaigns. Our aim is to realize our customers’ ideas quickly and in a flexible way, by which we can contribute to the success and dynamic growth of our partners. Advertise your business with us!

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales colleagues.

Sales development manager:

Varga Zsolt

Phone: +36-20/326-9115


Sales team leader:

Homonyik Tibor

Phone: +36-20/219-2341


Regarding the posting of advertisements, please contact our following media consultant colleagues:


Pálfi Mónika

Phone: +36-20/346-3710


Szászné Tünde

Phone: +36-30/543-6414


László Orsolya

Phone: +36-20/579-9250


You can also post your advertisement in person, just visit our customer service office:

Nyíregyháza, Dózsa Gy. u. 4-6.

Opening hours: M 7:30-17:00 T-W-T 7:30-16:00 F 7:30-15:00

Posting advertisements by phone or fax:


Framed advertisement:

Phone: +36-42/999-111

Fax: +36-42/501-970



Posting classified ads:

Phone: +36-90/603-604 (the call includes the price of the classified ad: HUF 500 + VAT/minute)

Agency sales (Budapest):

Pálóczi Tamás

Phone: +36-20/579-5689