Company History



An Austrian investment group bought our three regional daily papers (the Hajdú-bihari Napló, the Észak-Magyarország and the Kelet-Magyarország).

– 1992

Our printing house in Debrecen was built.

– 1993

We changed to self distribution.

– 1995/96

Josef Kogler took over the leading of the company.

– 1998

Eugen A. Russ became 100% owner of the company.

We purchased a new printing machine (UNIMAN).

– 1999

Four operative companies fused into one company=> Inform Média

– 2000

We appeared on the news portal market on the Internet with Hajdú Online.

– 2001

We launched two new regional news portals (Szabolcs Online and Borsod Online).

We established a Call Center in Miskolc.

We bought two regional daily papers in Nagyvárad: the Bihari Napló (with 12,000 copies) and the Jurnal Bihorean (with 8,000 copies).

– 2002

We opened a regional office in Tiszaújváros.

– 2003

We opened a new regional office in Kazincbarcika.

– 2004

We modernized our Printing House in Debrecen.

Buying free Szuperinfó weekly papers in Hajdú-Bihar and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén counties.

– 2005

We purchased the Debreceni, Hajdúsági, Miskolci and Zempléni Szuperinfó papers and their distribution rights.

– 2006

We bought the Szabolcsi Szuperinfó and the Tiszaújvárosi Szuperinfó.

We launched the Gyászhír portal.

We extended our news portal family at a national level, by Magyar Online.

– 2007

We bought majority ownership in the Ózd-gömöri Szuperinfó, the Kazincbarcikai Szuperinfó, and the Bihar Körzeti Szuperinfó free weekly papers.

We signed a contract about the right of operation in Hungary of Mascus portal, which deals with used heavy equipment and transporting vehicles.

– 2008

Buying antikapró.hu

Buying and


– 2009

By purchasing the CV-Online job portal we extended our online services.

As for the printed press, the Inform Média Kft. bought the franchise rights of the Szuperinfó national newspaper network.

– 2010

The purchase of the Hajdúszoboszlói Szuperinfó and the Észak-Pest megyei Szuperinfó.

– 2011

The purchase of the Első Szuperinfó and the Szuperinfó Dél-Kelet Média Kft in Szeged.

– 2012

Name change: the name Inform Media GmbH is changed to -> Russmedia CEE GmbH.

– 2013

Uploading the mobile applications of CV-Online and portals to Android systems.

We introduced the SugarCRM system at our sales departments.

We launched the digital editions of our daily papers.

– 2014

Inform Média Kft changed its name to Russmedia Kft.

– 2016

We purchased a UNIMAN 4/4 printing machine, which facilitates printing in 32-page daily paper format in 4+4 colors. We also installed a new folding machine for the printing machine, which is suitable for stitching tabloid size products directly after printing.

– 2017

Media Development Management Kft. bought the print business line of the Russmedia group of companies on 31st July.

From 1st September, the name Russmedia Kft. changed to Inform Média Lapkiadó Kft.