Welcome to Inform Média Lapkiadó

Inform Media Lapkiadó Kft. is one of the fastest growing media enterprises in Hungary. Inform Media Lapkiadó, which is the market leader in the North-Eastern region of Hungary, is centered in Debrecen, the heart of Hajdú-Bihar County.

What does our scope of activities involve? Editing and printing daily papers, free weekly newspapers, advertising weekly papers, periodical publications, as well as printing sales, distribution, and last but not least, online products: news portals and web agency.

Inform Media Lapkiadó is present not only in Hungary. From the 1990s we have been present in Romania, too.

Our target is the same in both countries: to reach as many target groups as possible, and convince them with our wide range of services and their high quality.

The key ingredients of our success are our innovational business policy, and our willingness to improve and revive, which is what we expect of all our colleagues as well as of ourselves.