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    The new job site of the county’s news portals is starting in October.

    Our company is extending its choice of services by a new area in October. Now our news portals are making improvements in the job advertising, job hunting branch with a brand new development which mainly targets the workforce demand in the local job market with new, up-to-date job offers.

    The digital improvements affected the “Job” menu item of news portals which had been popular before, too. Here the news readers will find a new search site from October, where they can find and continuously browse from the most current and updated positions of the narrower and wider choice of the job market.

    Not only job applicants looking for a job, but also job advertisers themselves can exploit the updated job menu item, as their career offers are presented to the several thousand visitors of the portals in the most informative way and place, and in a form which is customized to their individual needs and which is the most ideal for them. This is how we match the local web demand with the local web supply, now even on the job market.

    Of course, the improvements of the website will not be finished here. A platform for the registration of applicants is also among our innovational plans, where candidates will soon be able to upload their personal application materials, their CVs and motivational letters, too.