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Our company is the market leader among digital daily papers. We were the first in the country who made a pdf version of our daily paper available for the readers of the Kelet-Magyarország as early as in 2003. A few years later, we changed this to a more reader-friendly website where readers could click on the articles.

Owing to the continuous developments, our several thousand readers can get informed through the most modern and interactive digital newspaper in East-Central Europe day by day.

Naturally, our site is mobile responsive, i.e. it provides excellent reading quality on any kind of device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, P.C.). Besides, our subscribers can reach both the daily paper and the relating magazines through our application which can be downloaded free of charge.

By downloading our free application, our subscribers also have a possibility to download our issues and read the most important news of Kelet-Magyarország offline, i.e. without Internet access, later. The application of our daily paper can be downloaded to devices with both Android and iOS systems, and there is a voice reader function in them which makes the news available to visually impaired people, too.

The Inform-daily papers are unique in the country, as they have an evening edition, too. The evening edition of Kelet-Magyarország is available on, as well as on the Kelet mobile app, where our subscribers can even read the latest news of tomorrow’s paper.


The advantages of Digital Kelet:

– the contents are available conveniently, even from mobile devices

– the colorful picture galleries can be browsed

– you can share our news with your friends immediately in an e-mail or on social network sites

– from Sunday to Friday, an evening edition is available at 19 p.m. with the most important articles of tomorrow’s paper

– a free application that can be downloaded to Android or iOS mobile devices, which makes reading our digital paper a great experience


Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our digital team at the +36-80-442-444 phone number, or write an e-mail to .

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Account manager

„We work to make the reading of digital papers a real experience!”

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