Észak-Magyarország is an independent newspaper which was established in 1944, and it is the only daily paper in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. It is the newspaper of the county and of families.

It is published on every weekday and Saturday. Its CPI is 175,000 – this is how many times readers take it in their hands. It provides reliable, authentic information, news, entertaining and useful reading and pictures about the economic, cultural, political and community-social life of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén on 16 pages. Our editorial staff is the only specialist and source of news of the popular local sport life.

Apart from the printed copies, the editorial staff also provides a digital version of Észak-Magyarország for its readers, no matter how far they are from their home, they can get informed and updated about the happenings of our county on the website www.eszak.hu or by using our android application.

The Észak-Magyarország publishes 9 extra issues for its readers in every quarter of a year. Our versatile appendices, settlement pages and district compilations access every household in a given area.

Kontúr – a social, business and lifestyle magazine that is published quarterly – is also made by our editorial staff.

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Chief editor:

Uri Mariann

Email: mariann.uri@eszak.hu

Sales development manager:

Varga Zsolt

Email: zsolt.varga@kelet.hu

Regional sales manager:

Maros Éva

Email: eva.maros@eszak.hu

Regional distributional team leader:

Kálmán Mária

Email: maria.kalman@eszak.hu

Website: www.eszak.hu

Phone: +36-46/998-998

Write to us to: eszeri@eszak.hu, or info@eszak.hu,