Hajdú-bihari Napló

The first issue of the Hajdú-bihari Napló was published in 1944, with the name Néplap. This paper has remained the sole leader in the county ever since, and its leading position has not decreased throughout the decades. Napló still has a significant opinion-forming role in the region of Hajdúság as an independent daily paper.

Our journalists and editors aim to put mainly exciting, demanding, readable and self-made materials in our paper.

Apart from our latest news section, we regularly have thematic pages such as Debrecen, From our county, Sport, Beauty, Health, Culture, Forum, Economy, Education, For youngsters or Program Guide. The members of our editorial staff also make some interesting publications and appendices, according to the challenges of our times, for example the Kontúr, the TV Plusz, different recipe booklets and the magazine of the Flower Carnival of Debrecen.

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Chief editor:

Boros Norbert

Email: norbert.boros@naplo.hu

Sales development manager:

Varga Zsolt

Email: zsolt.varga@kelet.hu

Sales team leader:

Csengeri Imre

Phone: +36-20/262-4557

Email: imre.csengeri@naplo.hu

Distribution logistic manager:

Tóth István

Email: istvan.toth@naplo.hu

Website: www.naplo.hu

Phone: +36-52/998-181

Write to us: naplo@naplo.hu