Hajdú Online

The Nr.1 news site of Hajdú-Bihar has been serving its readers needs since 2000. Hajdú Online, which has 30-35 thousand individual visitors a day, is an important link in the economic, sport and cultural life of the county, because of its role in the market of advertisements and because it focuses on local issues.

Our aim is to give a fresh and objective picture of the life of the county, keeping the role of the portal this way, as well as to help the companies in the region stay competitive.

Chief editor:

Boros Norbert

Email: norbert.boros@naplo.hu

Sales manager:

Balogh Annamária

Email: annamaria.balogh@inform.hu

Online tech manager:

Gömöri Gergely

Email: gergely.gomori@inform.hu

Website: www.haon.hu

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