In Hungary, the first Szuperinfó was published in Eger in 1990, as a free informational weekly paper. Following this, it became the newspaper family with the greatest number of copies within two years and its novelty made it a popular weekend reading of the households in our country. In the last more than 27 years we used this achievement to gain more and more popularity and became a newspaper network in the country which has the highest number of copies permanently and is distributed free of charge. At present, 56 independent local papers are published in 1280 towns and small settlements, which means that we have 1.5 million regular readers altogether.

The last few years brought about a significant change in the almost three-decade long past of the Szuperinfó, when Inform Média Lapkiadó took over the control of the franchise network. During this step, the newspaper publisher which has the most modern media and communication technological background, and which is one of the most significant participants of the Hungarian media market is making some improvements.

Regarding our market leader newspapers, we have managed to make the Szuperinfó “more than just a paper” for our readers, which means that local news and public events can also be found in it, apart from the usual advertisements that make a profit. It is important for us that our readers should not only skim through Szuperinfó and put it away, but check and read it several times, because of its contents.

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