Printing house

The technical specifications of the Printing house are available in PDF format by
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Inform Media Lapkiadó Kft. has the greatest cold-set offset printing house in East Hungary. Our printing house also deals with printing products of external clients, apart from our own daily papers, Szuperinfós and our own appendices.

Pre-press (preparation for printing)

Three high speed Polaris 100 CTP systems ensure the efficient and safe service of the machines with printing plates. We try to apply an environmentally friendly policy, so we work with chemical free AGFA plates on the Polarises. The Harlequin gridding system that was developed by AGFA provides a better color reproduction, greater precision regarding printing, and gives a great advantage for advertising partners this way. The AGFA Arkitex workflow units developed for printing daily papers follow the process from the preparation of PDFs to the production of printing plates, giving possibility to work the most effectively and also to check the process. The pages made in our editorial offices are automatically exposed. Data transmission takes place at great bandwidth.


With the help of he UNIMAN 4/2S and UNIMAN 4/4 printing machines we can produce as many as 100,000 newspapers per hour. In order to meet all the demands of our customers, the UNIMAN 4/4 printing machine is equipped with the most modern manufacturing preparing software. The folding machine attached to the 4/4 printing machine is equipped with a stitcher head, helping the service of the clients this way, too.


We process the newspapers coming from the printing machines in the expedition. We count, strap the products waiting for delivery and put them on pallets here.

We are able to cut the products made in our printing house to a suitable size, according to the demands of our customers. We can cut about 70,000 newspapers to size per hour. The speed of this technological service is the same as the speed of printing. It is also possible to stitch our printed products in our printing house. We process products over 64 pages on a separate stitching machine (Müller Martini Presto). We also process our A/5 sized publications here.

Inform Media Printing House

The printing house of the Inform Media Lapkiadó Kft. can be found at 11 Balmazújvárosi street, Debrecen (next to Park Center). The printing house ensures the perfect service of the newspapers, the production of their appendices as well as the expediting of the products with a staff of 50 people. The modern printing house which was built especially for daily paper- and cold-set printing does not only satisfy the needs of Inform Média Lapkiadó Kft, but of other clients as well, at really high standards.

Corporate Governance Policy

All members of the management and staff of Inform Média Lapkiadó Kft. are committed to providing services at high standards, meeting the demands of customers, improving the environmental performance of the printing house continuously and keeping all the legal regulations.

Printing manager:

Dubóczki Tibor

Phone: +36 (52) 999-090

Fax: +36 (52) 526-615

Mobile: +36 (20) 958-9904


Purchasing and supply manager:

Boros János

Phone: +36 (52) 526-626/1047

Mobile: +36 (20) 599-51-19



Varga Sándor

Fax: +36 (52) 526-615

Mobile: +36 (20) 958 9900


Inform Média Lapkiadó Kft Nyomda

GPS coordinate: 47.543282, 21.583699

4031 Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi út 11.

Phone: +36(52) 999-090

Fax: +36(52) 526-615