Daily paper subscription

To deliver the papers that our readers subscribed to early in the morning, and to supply all newspaper selling points with up-to-date newspapers – this is the most important task of the Distributional Department of Inform Média. More than a thousand delivery persons set out every morning in three counties and deliver our daily papers and the magazines ordered with them.

Apart from this, we have a whole system making sure that all the complaints are treated in the most effective way. We operate a Call Center, i.e. an active telephone exchange, so as to reach all of our present and future subscribers as quickly as possible.

Our digital papers also have an increasingly high number of readers. These readers are serviced on the phone and in e-mail by a specialized staff. We made some further improvements: we also operate a webstore in the framework of distribution, where both our digital and our printed papers can be ordered.

Our colleagues who work in distribution are served by a separate telephone exchange which handles incoming calls, so colleagues who deal with individual distribution matters are available for anyone, as we answer all calls that come in after operating time within 24 hours, with the help of the answering machine.

Our readers can get acquainted with our flexible subscription system with the help of our agents, too. We often send letters to our readers, too, which are taken to everyone by our delivery persons, just like our loyalty cards which are offered to all of our active subscribers and which give several favorable shopping possibilities in all the three counties.

We would like to ask all of our subscribers to contact us on the phone, in letter or e-mail should they have any requests, recommendations or complaints.

For us, all information is the basis of a better performance!

Distribution logistic manager:

Tóth István

Email: istvan.toth@kelet.hu

Regional distributional team leader of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county:

Kálmán Mária

Email: maria.kalman@eszak.hu

Regional distributional team leader of Hajdú-Bihar county :

Oláhné Berecz Eszter

Email: eszter.olahne@naplo.hu

Distributional manager of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county:

Erős Péter

Email: peter.eros@kelet.hu

Subscribe to our daily paper online:

Észak-Magyarország: elofizetes.eszak.hu

Hajdú-bihari Napló: elofizetes.naplo.hu

Kelet-Magyarország: elofizetes.kelet.hu

In case of subscription and delivery issues, please turn to us for help at one of the following contacts::

Phone: +36-80/442-444


Borsod county: reklamacio@eszak.hu

Hajdú-bihar county: reklamacio@naplo.hu

Szabolcs county: reklamacio@kelet.hu