Loyalty card


Would you like to enjoy the unmissable business partner-sales and discounts of our daily papers? If yes, get a Loyalty card!

All Loyalty card owners can get favorable possibilities for shopping and for different services at our several hundred partners who take part in the program. This is how we try to show honor and appreciation towards our readers and our partners for their loyalty.

We issue a loyalty card for each of our customers who have a subscription to our paper which is valid for at least one year (or more).

If you already have a card, do not miss our several favorable possibilities for shopping! Just follow the columns of our paper regularly, where you can get up-to-date information about our loyalty program and about the permanent and periodic discounts provided by the card. Here you can also find the current list of places where loyalty cards are accepted.

If you don’t have a card yet because you have not subscribed to us, it is another reason to join our large group of readers committed to our daily papers.

In case you are already our subscriber but have not received a loyalty card yet, please contact us! (We issued the loyalty card for subscribers who have a subscription for one year or more.)

Contact us:

+36 80 442 444