• The whole world is having grill parties

    For a long time, having grill parties used to be a pastime of rich people only. We fried bacon sometimes, but never salmon or T-bone steak… And, of course, cooking in a caldron (which is also popular here) was not the same as grilling. Using a grill disk was the only completely Hungarian grill invention. A thick steel disk with legs skillfully welded on it could be used for grilling in a specially Hungarian way: you could fry the meat in the fat accumulating in the middle of the disk and pull it to the edges later to grill it further – some people could really do this at an expert level.

    Nowadays grilling is a really sophisticated genre, just like any other branch of cuisine. The price of a really professional grill “egg” is over half a million forints. Still, this is not a question of money but of the right skills, experience and talent. I have eaten the best grilled meat on the Slovenian beach where they grilled on a rusty oil barrel cut into half, with a ferro-concrete grid on it. Our publication is totally based on our readers’ taste, experience and knowledge, who sent in the recipes. And this is the most reliable “compass” in the world of flavors.